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A script to take daily, weekly and monthly backups of your MySQL databases using mysqldump. Features - Backup mutiple databases - Single backup file or to a seperate file for each DB - Compress backup files - Backup remote servers - E-mail logs 

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automysqlbackup-2.6.8.sh 39.7 KB over 10 years ago Download File
automysqlbackup-2.6.9.sh 42.1 KB about 1 year ago Download File
automysqlbackup.8 2.5 KB about 13 years ago Download File
automysqlbackup.spec 4.08 KB over 2 years ago Download File
multimysqlbackup.conf 408 Bytes over 2 years ago Download File
multimysqlbackup.sh 3.08 KB over 2 years ago Download File

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hostmaster hostmaster committed about 1 year ago (revision 37)
fix which bug on EL8/EL9

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